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Steam - Feature Redesign
Voluntary UX/UI Project involving redesigning features on the Steam Mobile App.
McDonald's Website Design Challenge (Uplabs)
UI Design Challenge on UpLabs to redesign the Website for McDonald's.
Booltox - Simple Web Toolbox
A simple web-based toolbox I made while learning SvelteKit. Consists of functionalities like Die Roll, Coin Flip & more...
Interesting Codepens & Snippets
Perspective Rotation Cards
Interesting CSS & Javascript based mouseover animations to help you pick your starter Pokémon...
Simple Touch Calculator
A touch-screen friendly calculator UI, inspired by the OS & UI styling on Light Phone.
#CSS #ReactJS
Probably Quiz
A simple quiz web-app made for fun, hosted on Vercel using random questions from a JSON array.
#CSS #Javascript #JSON
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