Yash Kadam
UX/UI, Web Designer & more
I'm a passionate UX/UI and Web Designer currently studying at Humber College, Canada. With formal experience in Web-Development and a computer science background, I always look forward to designing ambitious and useful digital products while empathizing the end-user and the development team. Having worked for my college comittee and as a freelancer I have experienced the design community and audience while learning a lot and willing to continue the journey...
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UX/UI, Web, Graphic Design, Illustrations
Vaxico - UI Concept
Ontario's One-Stop COVID-19 Vaccination booking app with record-keeping.
Minecraft Launcher Redesign
Solo UX/UI Project involving redesigning Minecraft Launcher for Capstone.
Netflix - UX Research & Feature Redesign
UX Research to determine user behaviour and propose redesign through Figma Screens.
FeedEval - UX Concept
UX Driven Solution to collecting feedback from consumers at Ontario's Food Banks.
Grocero - Uplabs Challenge
Dribbble Shot of a challenge from UpLabs for a Grocery List App (Honorable Mentions).
Pastr - Web Clipboard
A web based clipboard app I made as a self-challenge using React JS & Firebase [24Hr SPEEDRUN].
More Projects Beyond UX & Web
Other Creative Work
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3D Art & Renders
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Music Production
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